"The next image is the best"
This is the statement which best sums up the approach to photography, and probably anyone who is involved in the creative arts. Whatever you do, your own self critical eye always says you could have done better.
Photostrada.co.uk is the website of sussex based amateur photographer, Jason Neale who started photography to 'capture the moment' from the motorsports events attended. Jason has been a regular at motorycle racing meetings since the age of 8 when his step-father took him to Brands Hatch to see Barry Sheene. 
Seeing the highs and lows of motorcycle racing first-hand gave the bug to try and capture the excitement and tears that the sport brings. all images here have been taken from the spectator areas.
Although still obsessed by motorcycle racing, Jason has recently branched out to travel and landscape photography, with his own take on those topics. Inspired by the world of cinema, he has tried to capture the cinematic feel to his images. Although some of these are on this site, the galleries can be viewed at www.blackorangepress.com
It would be great to hear what you think of these images, and to hear your feedback on the never ending journey to improve. This journey can be followed here or on instagram, so follow @photostrada.
If you would like to use photostrada.co.uk to provide your images for your website or social media, please do get in touch to discuss via the contact page.
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